La Aguada Beach

On the coastal promenade you can access La Aguada beach, less than 1 km from the center of La Paloma. It is an open sea beach, which has lifeguard service during high season. It is very popular for families who enjoy long hours of the sea, games in the sand and walks to Costa Azul, where the limit between both beaches is a great natural viewpoint, known as Cerro de la Virgen, ideal for whale watching in low season.

Mirador sobre el Cerro de la Virgen

There are several sectors of La Aguada beach, where the sand is humid, ideal for sports such as beach soccer or volleyball.

Playa La Aguada en verano

This is the chosen one beach in La Paloma for surfing. Surfers come both in summer and in the off season to enjoy their incredible waves. February is the best month to surf, as the waves reach a greater height.

Pet friendly

In the area called  "El Muralloncito", pets are allowed. We recommend that you do not wear them at higher temperatures to protect them from the suffocating heat, use a collar and leash and provide plenty of water. Keep the beach clean, collect your pet's feces.

Playa La Aguada
Playa La Aguada