Las Maravillas Beach

La Coronilla has 8 km of open ocean beaches, Las Maravillas is one of them, the busiest during the summer months and one of the closest to the town. In the summer season it has life guard service, free WiFi and a beach restaurant.

The canal Andreoni flows into Las Maravillas beach. It was built several years ago to drain the flood waters of the Laguna Negra and some of the area's marshes, and later expanded for the productive use of some land extensions for rice crops in the north of the department. Together with its suspension bridge, which invites you to visit the southern beaches of La Coronilla, they are part of the classic postcard of the resort.

Puente colgante sobre el canal Andreoni en La Coronilla

Las Maravillas is a family beach, with firm sand ideal for practicing sports in the enabled areas or for long walks, one of them and the most traditional up to Cerro Verde, a place that offers a virgin landscape where reconnect with nature.

Release of sea turtles

An activity for children and adults that is usually done during the afternoons on this beach is the release of sea turtles that have been rescued and rehabilitated by the Karumbé Sea Turtle Center.

Liberación de tortugas marinas en La Coronilla

The turtles are an emblem of La Coronilla since its beaches represent an important feeding area for these animals.

A perfect place to watch the sunrise

Any of the beaches of La Coronilla are the perfect place to contemplate the moment when the first rays of light are glimpsed on the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean.

Amanecer en La Coronilla

Playa Las Maravillas
Playa Las Maravillas