Barra de Valizas

Barra de Valizas, a small town born on the shores of the sea, home to artisanal fishermen and tourists who love serenity.

You can enjoy its quiet influence following the Valicero Trails. Located between huge dunes and lying on the stream of the same name, it has a marked identity as a simple and warm town, where fishermen and tourists live together.

The interior streets of grass and sand, the simple houses, the taste for homemade food and the tranquility in which one lives, embellish the place even more.

Crossing the stream, you arrive at Cerro de la Buena Vista, a granite formation practically covered by sand. It is a natural track and pure adrenaline for fans of the sandboard. During a walk along the coast, in the direction of Cabo Polonio, you can see remains of Don Guillermo, barge of the US Navy, run aground in 1952.

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