Sport fishing is an activity that can be practiced at any time of the year and in various places in the department of Rocha.Both saltwater and freshwater fishing, can be done on board or from the coast. The fisherman can choose between the sea, rivers, lagoons, streams or the simplest canyons and canals; environments enhanced by the attractiveness of natural fisheries and the abundance of fish (such as white croaker, pejerrey, catfish, shrimp, large black croakers, weighing more than 10 kilos).

Where to fish in Rocha?

Within the oceanic fishing boats the Laguna Garzon Bar, the Las Garzas Resort, the Cabo de Santa María stand out where, if the water is cloudy, the forkheads and congers approach the coast. The breakwater in front of the berth of La Paloma, offers the possibility of embarking to fish. In La Pedrera we find a rocky fishing site,  of very easy access that offers excellent possibilities for fishing  bream, pejerrey and croaker.

Also Santa Teresa, Cabo Polonio, Barra de Valizas and Punta del Diablo, a seaside resort that is characterized by the number of fishermen who live on artisanal fishing.

Most of the agricultural establishments offer the possibility of fishing in their rivers, streams or lagoons, where they can obtain specimens of forkbeards, pejerreyes, eels, catfish and many other species.


The main species caught are whiting, white croaker, forkhead, shark and dogfish, with which criollo cod is made; fishermen use trammel nets (small nets) or longlines (rope with hooks) to capture their prey. To the fishing in Atlantic waters the extraction of seafood is added (mainly prawns and shrimps).