18 de Julio

The town 18 de Julio is located at kilometer 10 of route 19. It is a rice center that has strongly developed natural and historical tourism. The most remarkable in this sense is the Fuerte San Miguel, located at kilometer 8.5 of route 19, immersed in an area dominated by internal low plains and lagoons, alternated with ranges, covered by indigenous forest, with scrubland and grass.

In the Sierra de San Miguel there are hills with moderate elevation, standing out Cerro Vigía with 152 m above sea level.

The foundational motive of the place, in the first years of the 1900, was in the wake of the construction of "own houses" of those who worked as laborers, foremen, mediators, stallholders and porters in the large estancias (ranches) of the nearby area, in order to maintain their families near their place of work.

Circuit 4 - Ruta del arroz
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