Agrotourism and rural tourism

Deep Rocha

Nestled in the wetlands of the east, Rocha is populated by a rich and varied flora and fauna, which makes it a department with a unique landscape, framed by native bush and captivating palm trees. Ideal all year round, it is a complement to the beach proposal in the summer months. Developed in natural environments, it is highly interested in the conservation of natural resources, uses and local customs. The visitor will enjoy an absolutely wonderful landscape, surrounded by gullies, rolling meadows and natural countryside.

Rural tourism

The diverse flora and fauna reserves allow the visitor, through walks, horseback riding or guided walks, to capture with their cameras or in their retinas, the magic of each place. It is worth highlighting the marked balance that is maintained between productive development and the conservation of biodiversity, allowing the visitor to approach disciplines such as zoology, botany or ornithology.

In the old "estancias" (cottages), with more than a century of history, the visitor can perform tasks in common with the rural workers, such as working with livestock, or collecting the fruits of the land in family orchards. Traditional customs such asado con cueros(barbecue grilled with leather), guitarreada(playing the guitar and singing) and rural tasks such as jineteadas (rodeo), yerra  (cattle branding)and milking, actively integrate visitors. It is remarkable the hospitality of the establishments´ owners and the locals.

There are many activities and attractions that can be enjoyed all year round, especially the typical cuisine of each place, abundant in meat, homemade sausages, grilled and prepared wild boar. Hikes, horseback riding on trails in the native bush and the enjoyment of the fresh waters of streams and rivers are just one of its attractions.

Ruta del Arroz (Rice route) 

Rocha's proposal does not end in the estancias. The extensive plains of Rocha have produced, for decades, a good part of the country's rice. Knowing and being part of the production of this cereal is the invitation of the "Ruta del Arroz". The tour begins in the city of Rocha, and includes the towns of Velázquez, Lascano, 18 de Julio and San Luis, where you can visit different agroindustrial establishments to witness the stages of rice harvesting.

In the "Ruta de Saberes y Sabores” (Route of Knowledge and Flavors) the regional gastronomy and the enjoyment of the surroundings of Punta del Diablo, Valizas and Lascano are harmonized. In this framework, visitors can experience the life and gastronomy of artisanal fishermen, rural producers and nutrieros (otter hunters), achieving a unique gourmet proposal.

Rocha always offers a differential at each time of the year. Its different "zafras" (seasonal harvests/production) of fruits and marine species are a delight for the five senses of locals and visitors.

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All year round
All year round
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Visitas guiadas al campo
Visitas guiadas al campo