19 de Abril

To the northeast of the city of Rocha on route 9, on the banks of the Chafalote stream, the village 19 de Abril is located, originated in the inn where the passengers of the old stagecoaches were lodged when they had to suspend their trip.

The town arises on a project of urban drawing realized by Heraclio Ureta in a fraction of his property, that bordered with the National Road, delimiting the rest of the future town and its area of farms, the so called  Zanja de los Difuntos /Ditch of the Deceased (today better known as Cañada de la Escuela), the Chafalote Stream and the Cañada de los Negros.

Circuit 2 - Laguna de Castillos
Now in 19 de Abril: 8°C lluvia ligera

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