Primavera Gaucha Festival

With the arrival of spring this festivity evokes the gaucho and the china (man and woman from countryside). In the Primavera Gaucha Festival, those present are invited to dress in the folk style, and then choose the best gaucho and Chinese clothes; The Queen of Spring is also chosen.

Fiesta de la primavera gaucha en 19 de Abril, Rocha

A day with varied traditional activities of Uruguay: cattle riding, the participation of dance groups, folklore groups and bailanta at night. There is sale of barbecue, homemade chorizos, cakes, "tortas fritas" and canteen service.

Preparación de chorizos caseros


When is the Primavera Gaucha Festival?

Since 1993, to receive spring, the Primavera Gaucha Festival, takes place the third weekend of September.

Where is it?

Only 13 kilometers from Rocha, in Sociedad Rural 19 de Abril, route 9 km 220.500 (junction to Barra de Valizas).