Rocha weather forecast

en Rocha
18°C / 10°C
Sábado 23 de septiembre
lluvia ligera
15°C / 10°C
Domingo 24 de septiembre
19°C / 8°C
Lunes 25 de septiembre
cielo claro
18°C / 8°C
Martes 26 de septiembre
lluvia ligera
15°C / 11°C
Miércoles 27 de septiembre
lluvia moderada
16°C / 9°C
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Rocha is a department to enjoy during all times of the year. The climate is temperate and humid (average 17 °C), with warm summers and homogeneous rainfall throughout the year. For its latitude, between 30ºS and 35ºS, the four seasons are clearly differentiated.


During the summer (December to February) people visit the beaches of Rocha, so the coastal cities are popular and can fill up a lot. In addition, the climate is ideal for al fresco dining in one of the many excellent restaurants. Temperatures range between 17 °C and 30 °C


In spring (September to November), Rocha is flooded with color with the flourishing wildlife. Temperatures during the day in spring range from a minimum of 11.6 °C to a maximum of 21.7 °C. It is the best time to go on nature excursions, visit the spas by bike and go for a walk on the beaches.


Autumn (March to May) is a beautiful time to visit Rocha. The days are pleasant, the trees are dyed yellow. Ideal to explore the Monte de Ombúes, las Cárcavas Milenarias -the Millenarian Gullies, to go out to collect mushrooms and butiás with which exquisite dishes are prepared.


During the winter months (June to August) Rocha receives the coldest days, ideal for sitting by the fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine. Temperatures during the day range from a minimum of 6 °C to a maximum of 14 °C. Southern right whales pass through the coasts during their migratory journey, they can be seen on the coasts from July to October.

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