Aguas Dulces

Located at kilometer 277.500 of route 10, it was born as a summer resort for the inhabitants of the city of Castillos who, using straw, rushes and piles, raised ranchos (small houses) on the sand facing the ocean, back in the nineteenth century. There are anecdotal testimonies of how the baths on the beach were at the beginning of the 20th century; there were different schedules for men and women.

Currently, it has the first naturist beach in the area, called La Sirena, located 2 km north of the resort center.

The name of the seaside resort has to do with its springs of fresh water that, in times of the Spanish conquest, was a place of obligatory passage for the boats that sailed the Atlantic to obtain drinking water. It is a picturesque place full of ranchos and cabins, ideal destination for lovers of contact with nature, sport fishing and tranquility. In addition to resting, in the place you can make long walks on the beach, where even today it is possible to be surprised with the discovery of more than one element of the many shipwrecks that have occurred in the area, such as the Arinos (with its lost treasure legend) or the Stavanger, in an area that witnesses the story from the most perfect silence.

On its shores fishing is abundant and the sea breeze is felt with complete freedom. Many of its streets and public spaces bear the names of sunken ships in the vicinity, a detail of particular interest and justice, in merit to the number of shipwrecked persons that continued living there and contributed to the development of the place.

The rhythm of Aguas Dulces is that of the walks (recommended the walk up to Barra de Valizas by the beach), that of the search of cockles in the sand, of the rounds of mate in the afternoon and at the same time, of the movement in its pubs and craft fair at night.

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