La Sirena Naturist Beach

Rocha has an official naturist beach called La Sirena in the Aguas Dulces resort, being one of the two beaches with this modality in Uruguay. Surrounded by dunes covered with psammophyll vegetation, small marshes, lagoons, gorges and forests of pines and acacias, La Sirena invites you to enjoy nature in its purest form. A perfect beach to free yourself and enjoy the sun, sand and water in summer.

The spaciousness of the beach, its excellent oceanic water added to its spectacular surroundings, transform it into an oasis of tranquility. From there you can take long walks to nearby beaches such as Aguas Dulces or Los Moros. In the area you can spot marshes and coastal birds, and if you opt for a visit in a different season to the summer it is possible to meet capybaras and foxes in the nearby forest.

What is naturism?

The naturism is not the same as the practice of nudism, but it is an activity oriented to the enjoyment of nature in its most global dimension, incorporating the practice of nudism as part of contact with nature and as a way to generate respect for the other people, stripping themselves of the prejudices and preconceptions of everyday life.

The rules of La Sirena beach

The main rules that are asked to be respected in La Sirena are: contribute with the cleaning and care of the beach; respect the space and privacy of other naturists. It is suggested practising total nudity in the strip of sand at La Sirena beach. Do not look at people annoyingly, provocatively or persistently. Do not photograph or record anyone, without their consent.

How to get there?

La Sirena is located only 2.5 kilometers north of the Aguas Dulces beach. When entering the resort go to Cachimba and Faroles avenue and turn left to the north until the end of the street. You can walk there, both on the beach and through the dunes. There are signs that indicate the beginning of the beach.


So far the naturist beach La Sirena does not have lifeguard service, so you should take the necessary precautions when bathing in the sea. Neither do other types of infrastructures exist, such as gastronomic services.