In the kilometer 187 of route 15, is the city of Cebollatí, located on the margin of the river of the same name, place privileged by nature, with more than 700 vegetal species, among them the ceibo of white flowers, unique of its kind .

Traveling 12 km on a dirt road from the city, you reach the Saglio spa, with a natural setting that invites sport fishing, enjoyment of water sports or bird watching.

Some of the traditional activities of the place are riding raids, horseback riding, folk festivals and fishing, mainly carp.

On the banks of the river is the Barra del Río Cebollatí, a lookout point of the riparian forest that stands as an ideal place to enjoy the serene landscape. From there you can reach Padre Island, with 800 hectares and 18 km of coastline, in which ravines and floodplains alternate. It has a diversity of valuable habitats for the conservation of native fauna, such as the yellow-headed crow or the sparrowhawk.

Circuit 4 - Ruta del arroz
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