At kilometer 84 of the common stretch of routes 13 and 15 is Villa Velázquez, a small town steeped in history, which earned it recognition as the "historical capital" of the department.

It offers a self-guided touristic circuit that integrates attractions of great heritage value for the country and the region. A wonderful urban area where the beauty of its square stands out being next to the Maria Auxiliadora Chapel and the house of Don Amalio Graña, the third farm that was built on the site and the only one from 1915 that remains standing. To the Southwest by Gil Díaz street is the Pozo del Estado, place where the town was supplied with water in the past.

The Dead India Lake, in addition to providing a sense of calm and tranquility to the visitor, is an excellent place for sport fishing. In the property there is an extensive forest of eucalyptus that is used as a camping area and other recreational activities

Circuit 4 - Ruta del arroz
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