India Muerta Lake and Dam

This artificial reservoir of 3,500 hectares is the lake of the main dam used to irrigate 180,000 hectares of rice area, in the department of Rocha. In addition to providing a sense of calm, it is an excellent place for sport fishing.

Atardecer en el Lago de India Muerta

In the property there is an extensive forest of white eucalyptus, which is used as a camping area and other activities.

Recreational activities

Sport fishing

Pesca deportiva en el Lago de India Muerta

In the Lago de India Muerta sports fishing is practised and is recognized by many fishermen as being an ideal area to fish for tarariras. Until a few years ago it was possible to capture specimens of between 3 and 5 kg daily. The huge fish and the ferocity of their attacks on lures and flies on the surface were the subject of many articles and covers of specialized press publications.

Festival del Lago

Festival del Lago en India Muerta

During the month of February and since 2002, the Festival del Lago takes place on the shores of the India Muerta dam, con jineteadas(countryside activity in which the horse riders exhibit their skills), stages with important musicians, street markets, asado con cuero(barbecue grilled with leather), outdoors disco, pruebas de rienda(performance tests for criollo horses), hipismo en circuito(horse riding competition in circuits),horseback riding, sports on the lake, 4x4 trips and lots of people to enjoy. The festival, usually lasts 3 days, so it is ideal to carry a tent to enjoy not only the shows but also the wonderful surroundings.

This party is organized by Rotary Club Lascano and they distribute their profits among different institutions in the area.

Festival de India Muerta

Also known as the "Festival of Heaven", the Festival of India Muerta, is held during the month of January since 2001, year after year,organized by the Nativist Society Batalla de India Muerta for charity. Jineteadas, pruebas de rienda, pruebas hípicas en circuito (horse riding competition in circuit), baby football, motorbiking on tracks, bailantas al aire libre (outdoors cumbia dance halls) folk songs.

How to get there?

Taking the route 15 in the km 99 along a local road of 5 km you will find the India Muerta Lake.

Disfruta de India Muerta Lake and Dam

All year round

Lago de India Muerta
Lago de India Muerta

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