Festival de Rotary

The Festival de Rotary, organized by Rotary Lascano since 2002, combines: the best popular song, Criollo events and traditional Uruguayan food. On the shores of the India Muerte Dam, a festival that attracts more than 9,000 visitors. The main protagonist is the horse; present in parades, taming, calph roping, pruebas de rienda and performance tests for criollo horses. It is also a date with the best representatives of the popular and tropical song of the country and the region.

Cycling, 4x4 trips, water sports on the lake, prueba de riendas, outdoor disco, fairs, parade of classic cars and games for children, are present in the place. The gastronomic vedette is the India Muerta rice, prepared as paella, accompanied by the best traditional meats of the area (with beef, chicken and pork). In addition to the classic asado con cuero, choripan (sausage with bread), hot dogs, pizzas, tortas fritas, and many other delicious foods.

Asado con cuero

An open space, far from the city, which combines the tranquility of the countryside and the dynamics of the festival's activities.

When is the Festival de Rotary?

Desfile de caballos en el Festival del Lago en Rocha

The Festival de Rotary is usually held on the second weekend of the month of February.

Where is the Festival de Rotary?

The festival takes place on the shores of the lake of the India Muerta Dam, a few kilometers from the city of Velázquez, historical capital of the department of Rocha. Route 15, at the height of kilometer 99.

It is an ideal place to be in summer thanks to the shade of a great natural forest and the breeze of the lagoon. In addition to the activities of the festival in the area you can do sports fishing, visit Cerritos de Indios, to have rice classes, adventure tourism, walks, bird watching, visits to tourist estancias, horseback riding, among others.

Festival del Lago
Festival del Lago