Bridge over the Valizas stream

A place that you will not regret visiting when traveling by route 10, perhaps to Cabo Polonio, Barra de Valizas or Aguas Dulces, is the bridge over the Arroyo de Valizas at the height of km 267. The charm of this place is given by this great water course of 10 km, that connects the Laguna de Castillos with the Atlantic Ocean, its small town of small houses and artisanal fishermen boats.

Walks along the stream and visit the Monte de ombúes

An option to enjoy this magical place is simply to spend the afternoon on the banks of the stream or to embark towards Barra de Valizas or Monte de Ombués (Forest of Ombu trees).

Arroyo Valizas

On a walk that invites you to observe different species of birds and where the typical vegetation of the marches and natural meadows abounds.

Garza Blanca en el Arroyo Valizas

Sunset postcards

The bridge over the Arroyo de Valizas is a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Atardecer en el puente sobre el arroyo Valizas

The colors orange and yellow dye the sky, the silhouette of a fisherman and the small houses reflected on the stream give shape to an unforgettable landscape.

Shrimp and fresh fish

The inhabitants of the place, some of all the year, live on the good fishing and especially on the annual harvest of shrimp, in  March and April. The exchange of fresh water from the lagoon and from the ocean salt produces a rich biodiversity in the stream.

Venta de camarón en el Arroyo Valizas

During the harvest of the shrimp and on the moonless nights, you can see in the distance the little lights of the fishermen and their lanterns, attracting the shrimp to their nets.

Embarcación sobre el arroyo Valizas

The lure of this place is also given by the small stands that offer shrimp, fresh fish, pies, empanadas, drinks among other products.