Cycling and mountain biking

There are not many places in the world that present so much diversity of landscapes in as little territory as Rocha. An interesting way to explore these paradise-like places is to take a bicycle and go on an adventure. The practice of mountain biking is done in very interesting circuits, because of the steep terrain and the nearness of populated centers, which allow direct access, without having to travel long distances to reach them.

Circuits to travel by bicycle through Rocha

Every corner of Rocha can become an ideal place to get rid of stress by pedaling and enjoying unparalleled views. Each cyclist can set up his own circuit, such as taking route 16 from Aguas Dulces to Castillos to challenge the steep slopes, follow the paths of Las Cuchillas de la Carbonera and India Muerta and return along the Camino del Indio(Indigenous road). Almost the whole route is pedaled on gravel well packed, smooth and fast, except for a stretch of pasture and a sector of trails marked by the transit of vehicles.

You can find challenging hills, such as: Cerro del Vigía, Cerro Verde, Cerro Picudo and Cerro Lechiguana; or in the Sierras de  Rocha: de la Carbonera, near the city of Castillos, and in the Cerro San Miguel, near the city of Chuy. The trails of the Fortaleza de Santa Teresa or the villages and spas of the department are also recommended for cycling.

The most outstanding of all the journeys is the one that takes place in the Cerro Áspero, where the proposal is to climb on foot to the top of the hill and, once there, enjoy the majestic view and then descend through the delineated circuit and marked especially for mountain bike (using arrows, ribbons, stakes and flags), where approximately 40 kilometers are covered.

Recommendations for cyclists

  • Check that the bicycle is suitable for your ride, regulate the seat and the handlebar for a comfortable and safe ride.
  • Take into account the number of kilometers you are going to travel, in order to establish a travel plan that allows you to manage your effort.
  • For the grounds of Rocha it is advisable to use  little tread pattern tyres or "semislicks", that allow an easy rolling by almost any terrain, offering a lower resistance to the advance.
  • Consider the topography of the place to be traveled, with this you will know what type of bicycle best suits the demands of the terrain.
  • Create itineraries and routes. Talk to locals who know the terrain to know the best routes, the steepest and easiest accesses, as well as the fastest way to reach populated centers in case of emergency.