Surf in La Pedrera

La Pedrera is the great balcony to the sea of Rocha, east of Uruguay, owner of one of the two best rights in the country, has wave trains with strength and consistency that end at the beach after going 200 meters.

Surfing in El Desplayado beach

In El Desplayado of La Pedrera the wave breaks with absolute perfection, with winds of N or NW blowing with medium intensity, the wave acquires a unique perfection. If it has good size, the swell is difficult to access, you have to calculate very well between set and set by the rocks of the place. The wave can reach 2 meters.

Surfing in Del Barco beach

Del Barco beach is a deep beach, with consistent sandbanks where the wave overturns with great intensity and volume of water. It has a very good wave with the swells of the ESE, which can reach 2 meters and the perfection of consistent left and right amaze visitors.

Surf en La Pedrera
Surf en La Pedrera