Del Faro Beach

Del Faro beach, under the protection of  the Historical Monument of Cabo Santa María Lighthouse, is located between La Balconada and Bahía Chica beaches, a few blocks from the commercial center of the spa. The beach is framed by rocks and a peculiar shellfish type of sand.

Playa del Faro en La Paloma

From the beach and next to the Lighthouse, it is still possible to distinguish the remains of the first construction of the tower, when in April 1872, having reached 30 meters high and planned its opening, it collapsed and killed some workers that were working on the site.

Playa del Faro en La Paloma

On La Paloma’s windy ways, this is the perfect beach to take shelter and spend long hours gathering shellfish, having fun in the small pools formed between the rocks (specially the youngest ones) or going fishing in some of its old piers. According to the locals there you can fish sea breams/white breams,small hakes.pejerreyes ,forkbeards and croakers.

It has neither lifeguard service nor restaurantes.

Pet friendy

The Del Faro beach area in front of Plaza España (at the end of Av. Solari) is pet friendly, but the area in front of the Lighthouse is not. We recommend that you do not wear them at higher temperatures to protect them from the suffocating heat, use a collar and leash and provide plenty of water. Keep the beach clean, collect your pet's feces.

To regard sunrises, sunsets and full moon rises

The rocky point protruding in the sea of this beach makes it the ideal place to regard spectacular sunrises and full moon rises over the ocean (East area) or a classical summer sunset (West area).

Atardecer en la playa del Faro en La Paloma

At the end of Nicolás Solari Avenue, in the conjunction of Del Faro beach and La Balconada beach there is a large explanade where to park your car and watch the sunset or you can find wooden benches on the beach.