La Calavera Beach

Cabo Polonio has two beaches: La Calavera (North) and Sur (South) Beach, each with its different characteristics and orientations, which allows you to enjoy two very different landscapes and at the same time one of the two is always protected from the wind.

Playa La Calavera en Cabo Polonio
La Calavera Beach

La Calavera beach is the beach where the craft fishing boats, "La Nena" and "La Juanita" are already part of the landscape. It is known for the numerous shipwrecks that occurred there. During summer, it has a lifeguard service.

On one side, the rocky point of Cabo Polonio from where you can see the archipelago "Isla de Torres" and one of the largest reserves of sea lions in the world. On the other side, immense dunes that invite you to a long and fun journey through the sand.

On the rocks you will find restaurants overlooking the beach where you can taste exquisite dishes made with fresh fish and seafood. They also offer grill, pasta, minutes and other meals.

Walk to Barra de Valizas

Caminata hacia el Cerro de la Buena Vista
Walk to Cerro de la Buena Vista in Barra de Valizas

From La Calavera beach you can take a walk of about 7 km through the dunes until you reach Cerro de la Buena Vista in Barra de Valizas. On the way you will enjoy spectacular panoramas of Cabo Polonio, its small houses and ranches, the immensity of the ocean and a unique landscape in Uruguay where sand predominates.

Playa La Calavera, Cabo Polonio
Playa La Calavera, Cabo Polonio