La Balconada Beach

La Balconada beach is one of the most famous and popular, not only in La Paloma, but also in the state of Rocha, in Uruguay. It is surrounded by two rocky points, on one side the beach of Cabo Santa María Lighthouse and on the other El Cabito Beach. La Balconada is chosen by young people summer after summer. It is characterized by its wave type, ideal for having fun surfing it for hours.

Playa La Balconada en La Paloma

During the summer it has a life guard service and free WiFi. Also very picturesque chiringos to cool off and taste a delicious seafood dish in front of the immensity of the ocean.

The sunset in La Balconada

Enjoy the sunset in La Balconada is a tradition of the seaside resort, the sky is painted with hundreds of colors and visitors wait for the sun to fully set to say goodbye with a long applause. But the fun does not end, groups of young people stay there enjoying conversations, drinks or it is very common for famous DJs to play music in the afternoon.