De Los Pescadores Beach

De Los Pescadores beach, located in the center of Punta del Diablo, is one of the most classic and picturesque beaches of the resort; a place where artisanal fishing boats lie. Between Del Rivero beach and a rocky point, which separates it from La Viuda beach, it constitutes a wonderful setting. The favorite for families, flat and quiet, traditional and charming.

A few meters away, on the first line opposite to De Los Pescadores beach, is the craftmen´s market, ideal to eat or drink something and cool off from the strong summer heat. Also, of course, when you want to make a break from the sea, you can visit their stalls, where you will find all kinds of crafts, made with marine snails, wood, ceramics, starfish, and so on.

Artisanal fishing boats

Barcas de pesca artesanal en la playa de Los Pescadores

The artisanal fishing boats of Punta del Diablo represent an icon of the resort. Early in the morning it is very common to see them enter the sea, in search of the catch of the day, until losing sight of them on the horizon. A few hours before sunset, you can see them arriving, full of fish, from big black croakers to small dogfish.

Barcas de pesca en Punta del Diablo

It is very curious to observe the technique with which the boats are dragged from the seashore to the sand, a totally manual mechanism, where all the fishermen participate. Once moored on the beach, fishermen clean their fishing and expose it, capturing the attention of all tourists.

Alina Valeria II, barca de pesca artesanal
Alina Valeria II, barca de pesca artesanal