Suspension bridge

An emblem of La Coronilla is the suspension bridge over the Andreoni canal. The canal is a waterway, which crosses the spa. Its function is to drain the Bañados de San Miguel and the Lagunas Negra y Blanca, from which it feeds. In its margins great ravines can be seen, product of the erosion, generating interesting views; it is a place visited by birds in search of fish that go down to the sea.

Crossing the suspension bridge of La Coronilla is very fun. It is built with wood and strong tensors and has protection to prevent falls. The maximum number of people to cross along it together is 5.

Puente colgante en La Coronilla

It is close to the beach, ideal for hiking in the area and venture to the walk to Cerro Verde and Islas de La Coronilla, marine protected coastal area of great natural beauty, from where it is possible to spot sea turtles, whales, dolphins and coastal birds.

How to get?

To get to the bridge from the main avenue of La Coronilla, there are signposts. You walk through picturesque paths until you reach the bridge.

Puente colgante en La Coronilla
Puente colgante en La Coronilla