Viewpoint of marine fauna and shorebirds "La Mano"

Barra de Chuy is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity in its sea, coast and continental zone. It is the most oceanic beach of Uruguay, with an extensive beach of open sea and fine sands that form large dunes.

The "La Mano" viewpoint of Barra de Chuy is a wooden construction, with benches on top, next to the iconic "La Mano" sculpture. From the highest surface you can see a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and with a little patience to see different species of marine fauna.

Whale watching, dolphins and bottle nose dolphins

From July to October, Rocha has the privilege of receiving on its 180 kilometers of beach, specimens of the Southern Right Whale. Year after year, these cetaceans, with their characteristic callosities and the exhalation of air in the form of "v", become the protagonists of the Rocha sea.

The viewpoint "La Mano" is a strategic point for whale watching during the visiting season in Uruguay, you can see them swimming a few meters from the coast, during that time. In addition, all year round, you can spot dolphins and bottle nose dolphins.

Sighting of shore and water birds

From the viewpoint you can also observe shore and water birds. The reddish sandpiper, Calidris canutus, is one of the most extraordinary migratory birds that flies from the Canadian Arctic to Tierra de Fuego, in Argentina. During the winter, it is possible to see them feeding in flock, on the shore of the ocean.

A curious and registered fact by Aves del Uruguay and the Western Hemisphere Reserve Network for Shorebirds - WHSRAP - is the case of one of these who traveled 6000 kilometers to Delaware (USA) from Barra de Chuy in a few days.

Another species of birds common in the area of Barra de Chuy, is the American oystercatcher, Haematopus palliatus, easily recognizable by its dark brown plumage and its long, orange-red beak.

Mirador "La Mano" en Barra de Chuy
Mirador "La Mano" en Barra de Chuy