Breakwater of La Paloma Port

In La Paloma Port, Rocha, Uruguay, there is a stone breakwater, with an extension of more than 1 km, where it will take you about 15 minutes to reach its end. Highly recommended to enjoy a fantastic view of La Paloma, its port and the beaches of La Aguada and Costa Azul.

Puerto de La Paloma

On one side the waves of the Atlantic Ocean hit and on the other there is a quiet bay where artisanal fishing boats and sports boats enter and depart. It is an ideal walk to do in the afternoon and stay there to contemplate the sea. From July to October it is an ideal viewpoint for the sighting of the whales and bottle nose dolphins that visit our coasts.

Escollera de La Paloma

In the final sections of the jetty the depth varies between 8 and 10 meters, having the floor filled by crabs and mussels that are the attraction of the most varied species: dogfish, black and white croaker, anchovy, forkbeard, whiting, rooster fish,white breams, pejerrey, grouper, pooch, ray, guitar fish, catfish, hammerhead, among others.

El Océano Atlántico y bahía del Puerto de La Paloma
El Océano Atlántico y bahía del Puerto de La Paloma