La Paloma's Port

1 km from the commercial center of La Paloma is the overseas port of the same name; it is the easternmost maritime terminal of Uruguay. This port was inaugurated in 1910 on the restinga that joined the coast and the Island of La Paloma. It is used as a temporary mooring for some boats, with an intense activity as a marina and artisanal fishing.

The Port of La Paloma, is also the base of action of the National Naval Prefecture, from where the maritime limits of Uruguay are kept and the activities in general that occur along the whole coast of Rocha. In the accesses the infrastructure of an anchovy processing plant that worked in the past can be observed.

Walks around the port

The wooden pier and the breakwater of the port represent a traditional walk during the afternoons, it is possible to walk and observe the activity that takes place there, or simply watch the birds in search of food among the boats and yachts that are moored.

Escollera de La Paloma

Since 2015, artisanal fishing boats have had their own berthing dock with the necessary services. In addition, several stores were built for the sale of fresh fish, seaweed fritters, cakes, among other gastronomic products.

Muelle de barcas de pesca artesanal en La Paloma

Services for boats

It has all the necessary port services for those who visit Uruguay: electric power, surveillance, lighting and drinking water.

Puerto de La Paloma
Puerto de La Paloma