Los Botes Beach

In La Paloma, Uruguay, Los Botes beach is one of the busiest during the summer. Between El Cabito and Anaconda, this family beach with firm sand, is ideal for land sports, arming shuffleboard courts or a long walk along the ocean. If conditions permit, surfers choose it to venture alongside its waves.

Playa Los Botes en La Paloma

Because of its rocky point shape, it acts as a natural harbor for artisan fishing boats.

Cristo de Lucho

The "Cristo de Lucho" is a peculiar sculpture and point of reference for the Los Botes beach. His sculptor, a fisherman, chef and artist from the area, Alfredo Maurente, modeled it by throwing his body in the wet sand, serving as a model and mold for his work.

"I did This Christ for the fishermen, it is looking towards the sea, just the place where they must pass to go fishing, and there it waits for them at their return".

Artisanal fishing boats

Barcas de pesca artesanal en playa Los Botes en La Paloma

The beach Los Botes has the particularity to host the activity of artisanal fishermen in the area, who venture to the sea under the protection of "Cristo de Lucho". At sunset the boats arrive with fresh fish and it is time for the harvest, tourists come to see this activity and take pictures. The restaurants of La Paloma transform fresh fish into exquisite dishes, which invite from a distance with a very peculiar aroma.

Playa Los Botes, La Paloma
Playa Los Botes, La Paloma