Self-guided historical walk through the city of Rocha

Every corner of the department of Rocha and especially its capital, founded on November 23, 1793, has a story to tell you. Alleyways, cobblestone, blocks perfectly shaped with flat and continuous facades. We invite you to make a patrimonial circuit around the city, on a a walking tour of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Marco de los Reyes in Lapeyre Square

Plaza Lapeyre en Rocha

The Hispanic Lusitanian limiting frame or boundary marker, was carved more than two centuries ago in Lisbon, in several pieces of marble. It is about the so-called Marco to Don Carlo, the shield and the crown of Spain were originally sculpted on one side and the Portuguese crown on the other. It was placed in Lapeyre Square on September 22, 1892.
Location: Francisco de los Santos and Eliseo Marzol

Ranchito de Pianni

Ranchito de Pianni en Rocha

It is a typical house, destined to the village family of the town. According to documents of the foundation, on June 1, 1801 most of the houses built were delivered.
Location: Francisco de los Santos and 25 de Agosto

Independencia Square

Plaza Independencia en Rocha

The founding process of the city of Rocha began in 1793 with the urban drawing, where the square was already delineated, the first chapel, the fourth chaplain, and the guard were built.

Social Club Rocha

In the place where today is the Social Club Rocha, there was one of the founding homes, that of Don Antonio García and his family, Asturian immigrants. Years later, by 1940, it became the center of socialization of the well-off classes of the place.
Location: 25 de Agosto and Sensión

Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Church

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Remedios en Rocha

Its construction began in the late nineteenth century and was enabled when it had to improvise parish services due to a fire in the old chapel located in the alley.
Location: 25 de Agosto and General Artigas

Arrarte Hotel

It was built in 1908, reformed in 1940 and recycled in 1998. It is one of the landmarks of the Rocha urban construction of the beginning of the 20th century.
Location: José P. Ramírez and 25 de Mayo

Cinema August 1st

It was created by the Exhibitor of the East EDESA in 1950. The architect in charge of the construction, of modern characteristics, was Antonio Lorenzo and Losada. Its name is due to the date of segregation of Rocha and Maldonado, August 1, 1881.
Location: 25 de Mayo and José P. Ramirez

25 de Mayo Theater

Its construction was in charge of the Provenir Civil, Cultural and Social Society, inaugurated on January 23, 1910 with capacity for 400 people. The 25 de Mayo Theater is part of the theaters called "a la italiana"(with Italian style)  and its architecture is eclecticist style.
Location: 25 de Mayo and Pedestrian Dagoberto Vaz Mendoza.

Teatro 25 de Mayo en Rocha

Ex Hipotecario Bank

Ex Banco Hipotecario en Rocha

The building was built in 1954, to host the Rocha branch of Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay. On the facade were placed 15 bronze figures with Rochense motifs, made by the Uruguayan sculptor Germán Cabrera.
Location: 18 de Julio and 25 de Mayo

Culture Center María Élida Marquizo

Centro Cultural María Élido Marquizo en Rocha

The building was built by José Llana in 1896. It was restored in 2010 and functions as a cultural space where various activities are carried out.
Location: 18 de Julio and 19 de Abril

City Hall of Rocha

In the year 1906 with the promulgation of the law of creation of the City Councils, the construction works of the building with an eclectic architectural style began. Three years later, in 1909, the City Hall was inaugurated, being the only building in the country that functioned from its beginnings to that end.
Location: General Artigas and Lavalleja

Other historical places to visit

Ex La Caja Obrera Bank (August 25 and General Artigas), House of Dr. Lladó (General Artigas and Rincón), Former Jail of Rocha (José P. Ramírez y Piedras), House of Marta Nieves (Francisco de los Santos and 25 de Agosto), Corner house of the Barrios family (Julian Graña and 25 de Agosto), Ex Conservatorio Promenade (José P. Ramírez between May 25 and April 19), Rocha Athletic Club (José P. Ramírez and April 19 ), Pedestrian walk Dagoberto Vaz Mendoza, House of Rosalío Pereyra (José P. Ramírez and Rodó), Artigas School (General Artigas between Orosmán de los Santos and Lucio Sanz and Sancho), Manzoni Jewelry (July 18 and José A. Ribot) , Italian Society (Treinta y Tres and 25 de Agosto).


  • Camera
  • Water
  • Comfortable clothes

Ex Confitería Globo en 25 de Agosto y 18 de Julio
Ex Confitería Globo en 25 de Agosto y 18 de Julio