What to do in autumn in Uruguay? Activities and ideas to add to your travel itinerary in Rocha

The summer ended and we officially went into the fall. Far away are the sun and beach attractions to start enjoying other charms that Rocha offers us in the fall. The temperatures decrease and that is when the attractions of this season are reborn: going out into the countryside and enjoying nature, a cozy fireplace, a delicious dish accompanied by a local wine and a lot of cultural attractions.

We propose some activities to add to your travel itinerary and discover what to do in autumn in Rocha.

Collect edible mushrooms

Hongos comestibles

A typical autumn activity in Rocha: go out to collect edible mushrooms. The places to find them are in pine forests, at the foot of these trees, in shady and humid places. It is important to know how to differentiate between edible mushrooms and those that are not. The most common are the so-called "delicious mushrooms" or "pine mushrooms", their flesh is orange and their hat can reach 12 centimeters in diameter. It is an ideal activity to do during the afternoon and enjoy hours touring these wonderful environments of utmost peace. Do not forget to take a container or paper bags for collection!

Discover towns and villages

Pueblos y villas de Rocha

During your autumn holidays in Rocha, make sure you have your camera or cell phone fully charged because beautiful towns and villas full of charm await for you to discover them. Each one, scattered throughout the territory of Rocha, takes us to other times, invites us to walk through its streets, go hiking in its surroundings, visit its squares and old churches.

Visit the Santa Teresa National Park

Parque Nacional Santa Teresa

If you are a lover of animals, vegetation and beautiful landscapes, you should include a visit to the Santa Teresa National Park in your next autumn vacation to Rocha. On route 9 km 302 you can enter this huge park of 3000 hectares.

Tour the Laguna Garzón Bridge

Puente Laguna Garzón, Rocha

Opened in December 2015, this large circular bridge over the Laguna Garzón, joins the departments of Rocha and Maldonado. An architectural attraction that you should know if you have not done it yet. Also take the opportunity to explore the environment: beaches, forests, dunes and wetlands.

Collect butiás

Butiá, fruto de los Palmares de Rocha

The ripening of the fruit of the Palmares de Rocha, the butiá, occurs in the autumn, between March and April, only once a year. A fruit rich in vitamin C, which you can consume fresh, marinate in alcohol to get a good liquor or boil them with sugar to make candy or jam. To collect butiás!

Venturing on two wheels

Ciclismo y mountain bike en Rocha

The department of Rocha, presents a great diversity of landscapes, ideal to take the bike and launch into adventure. Each corner becomes a perfect place to relieve stress by pedaling and enjoying unparalleled views. If you dare to do more, challenge your body at one of the fall sporting events.

Taste a homemade dish

Plato de Las Rocas Restó de La Paloma

The harvest of shrimp fishing in Rocha takes place between February and March. When the fall begins, the kitchens of the department's restaurants offer varied and exquisite dishes made with these crustaceans. Also do not miss tasting other culinary proposals based on mushrooms and butiá.

Shopping to Chuy

Free shops de Chuy

On your autumn holidays, take a moment in your schedule to go to Chuy, where a whole range of shopping opportunities open up. If you are a foreign tourist, visit the free shops, where you will find clothes, drinks, fishing items, electronics and more products of recognized brands of the world.

Palmares de Rocha
Palmares de Rocha