Sierras de Rocha

Sierras de Rocha, a few kms from the city, in the east of Uruguay. Activities to do, ecotourism and rural tourism, horseback riding, exotic walks, guided tours. Try adventures and sports such as mountan bike, 4x4 trips and trail competitions.

Sierras de Rocha, Uruguay

East of Uruguay, a few kilometers from the sea and very close to the city of Rocha, there is a region unfairly little known by tourists. Rough hills of stony hillsides, deep ravines and valleys crossed by small streams, make the Sierras de Rocha a place of unusual beauty, refuge of indigenous flora and home to a varied wildlife. The ñandúes (rheas) may surprise you on the side of the roads more traveled by cattle troops than by cars. There the silence is only interrupted by the songs of the birds.

The Sierras de Rocha represent the highest point of the "Eastern Marshes", the height there ranges between 200 and 500 meters above sea level.

How to get there?

Starting from the city of Rocha, take route 109 towards the north, after traveling a 10 km route the hill zone begins. See access map.

Ecotourism and rural tourism

Surrounded by the fantastic panoramas that the Sierras de Rocha give us there are some rural and agrotourism establishments open all year round, inviting you to perform different activities such as bird watching, photographic safaris, exotic walks, horseback riding and even participating in the rural tasks. Some options offer accommodation to disconnect from the world, to enjoy several days in the countryside and not to miss the wonderful starry nights.

Acoustic dome

Cúpula Acústica en las Sierras de Rocha

The acoustic dome, unique in Uruguay, is located in the Communal Land in the Sierras de Rocha, a space where several families live together.


Gastronomía en las Sierras de Rocha

Different inns and establishments in the area offer the visitor, in addition to the possibility of staying, to taste exquisite criollo and vegetarian dishes, prepared with fresh, local and organic products.

Natural pools

Piscinas naturales en las Sierras de Rocha

Streams, creeks and waterfalls form, among the areas of more rocks, small natural pools in which you can enjoy a refreshing bath after a walk or simply perceive the sound of crystal clear water.

Cerro de la Virgen

Visiting Cerro de la Virgen is a beautiful walk where to enjoy the natural landscape and be surprised at each step with the spectacular scenery. In addition, the hill behaves like a great viewpoint from which you can have a wide view of the area.

Cascadas las Sierras de Rocha

Surrounded by hill purity, between stones and vegetation, stands the sanctuary of the Virgin.

Horseback riding

Cabalgatas en las Sierras de Rocha

A very special way to enjoy the stunning landscape is from the top of a horse. There are several options of horseback riding and tours that go from a few hours to several days, carrying food, water and tents.

Other activities

Actividades en las Sierras de Rocha

You can also enjoy activities such as yoga, eutonia, massage and Chinese medicine.

Adventures and sports

The Sierras de Rocha are the perfect place to challenge nature and be filled with adrenaline.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike en las Sierras de Rocha

Deep in the hill there is the first track of the department for Mountain Bike Cross Country competitions. With an extension of 5.8 kilometers, perfectly conditioned for this type of sport, it crosses a large part of the hill ranges crossing water areas, cascades, bridges, forests and obstacles that together form a great adventure. Discover other places to practise cycling and mountain biking in Rocha.

All terrain crossings

Within a circuit designed and thought to enjoy the geography of the place to the maximum, 4x4 crossings are carried out periodically. Impressive vertical, rocky and muddy areas, creeks and lots of fun.

Trail miles

MT10 Millas de Trail en las Sierras de Rocha

Since 2016, the MT10 competition has been held in the Sierras de Rocha, an international sporting event, framed in the national trail championship, sponsored by the Athletic Confederation, where athletes compete internationally.

Disfruta de Sierras de Rocha

All year round