2 de Mayo Cultural Center

The "2 de Mayo" Cultural Center is a unique space that consists of a cultural house, a MEC center, an events room, an exhibition room, training rooms, a recreational library, the "Beto Pérez" anthropological museum, a rehearsal room and a sports space with pelota court. It is located in the center of the city of Castillos, opposite to Artigas square; place of easy access for its inhabitants.

The different music or video producers have found in the plant a great opportunity to obtain a good quality product. In the event room there is the possibility that these filmmakers show their work and that the rest of the community knows what is being done locally and also nationally.

Complejo Cultural 2 de Mayo de Castillos

In sports, the cultural center has the only Basque pelota court in the area and brings together more than 40 people actively not only to develop this sport but also up to now to the maintenance of the court.

The museum and the exhibition hall encompass the proposal of the cultural center: the museum remembering and maintaining the living memory of our ancestors and the exhibition hall in continuous innovation of proposals to bring the diversity of cultural expressions.

This peculiarity of the cultural center to bring together cultural and sports spaces transform it into a place where the different nuances of the culture can be approached giving a unique opportunity for the region.

Visiting hours

You can visit the "2 de Mayo" Cultural Center from Monday to Friday between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm and on Saturday nights, when there are theater, cinema and other activities. The visit to the building has no cost.