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We live at El Caracol year round, and our family trace back here since 200 years. Walking, running, paddling, reading, canoeing, kite surfing, sailing, biking, and discovering flora and fauna are just some of the activities you can choose to enjoy the area and take advantage of the benefits of being close to nature and yourself.

We offer horseback riding to all of our guests. Whether you want an easy, two-hour ride surveying the surroundings of the Lake, Land and Ocean, or a day-trip on horseback from Laguna Garzon to Laguna de Rocha where guests will enjoy a picnic or a local asado.

We also offer birdthwatching tours. The Laguna Garzon is an interesting site with a high biological diversity of birds. It is the breeding site of a large number of bird species, fish and shellfish, and it has been granted IBA status, an Important Area for Bird Conservation. Black-necked swans, flamingos and white geese, herons, plovers, coots, oystercatchers, lapwings and terns can be found on Laguna Garzon. There are more than 220 species of local and migratory birds. We provide everything you’ll need to make it a unique experience.

We live at the main playita in El Caracol where you can appreciate the best sunset of the place, and homemade local and organic picnics. Renting of stand up paddle, kayaks, bikes, trekkings or yoga for big or reduce groups.

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