Cabo Polonio

The Cabo Polonio National Park is an extensive area with a beautiful landscape that still retains characteristics typical of the Uruguayan Atlantic coast.

Inside this wild park, at kilometer 264,500 of route 10, is the Cabo Polonio spa. The place is highly seductive for foreigners and everything conspires to be so. There is no electricity or running water. There are no streets but irregular paths that link small and rudimentary houses.

The entry is made in all-terrain vehicles, specially conditioned so as not to damage the natural landscape. Walking the beaches can be an endless but entertaining walk, where you can admire the stable colony of sea lions stationed in front of the cape, in the area of ​​rocks next to the lighthouse, an inevitable point of this destination.

In the 60's, some young people passionate about nature began to discover that remote village that was behind the dunes, after the fishing village of Valizas.

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Circuit 2 - Laguna de Castillos
Now in Cabo Polonio: 12°C nubes

How to get to Cabo Polonio?

Route 10 km 264,500

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All year round Posada Mariemar, accommodation facing the sea in Cabo Polonio
All year round Viejo Lobo Hostel in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, double and shared rooms just meters from the beach
All year round Puertas al Cabo, hostel in Cabo Polonio, a few meters from the beach. Open all year in Uruguay

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All year round Salsipuedes in Cabo Polonio: coffees, sweet cakes, natural juices, smoothies salads. All homemade!
Coffee shop
All year round El Timbó Restauran in Cabo Polonio, typical and traditional foods of Uruguay
All year round Lo de Dany restaurant in Cabo Polonio

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All year round Eco Equus: horseback riding on the beach, forests, hills, fields and fascinating environments of Rocha
Horseback riding
All year round Senderos Tours, guided tours around Rocha, Uruguay
All year round Marianna Aventuras, personalized tours in Rocha

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