It is the capital city of the department of the same name, where the commercial, administrative and main services activities are concentrated. It is located between kilometers 207 and 208 of route 9 and was founded on November 23, 1793 at the urging of Rafael Pérez del Puerto, who arrived in 1777 in an expedition from Spain, with the name of Our Lady of the Remedies of Rocha. This name originates in the surname of Luis Rocha, who settled in this region, then semi-desert, to dedicate himself to the leather work. In Galician and Portuguese, the word "rocha" means field ready to be sown.

Structured on checkerboard street plan, with low constructions and narrow streets, it offers visitors a varied offer to captivate their days of rest. It is a city traversed by a rich history that can be experienced in every corner. Several houses and cobblestone streets of the downtown blocks show traces of what the city was at the beginning of the last century.

Some of its attractions include the Church of Our Lady of Remedies, located on the streets 25 de Agosto and Gral. Artigas, being the first major construction of the city, at the end of 17th century.

Circuit 1 - Laguna de Rocha
Now in Rocha: 12°C nubes

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Attractions in Rocha

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Where to stay in Rocha?

Find different types of accommodations that suit your needs
All year round La Posta de la Laguna, hostel, camping and space for events, just 7 km from La Paloma
All year round Lagos de Garzón, exclusive cabins facing the lake in a rural setting
All year round Hotel Doña Vero, in the center of the city of Rocha
All year round Municipal Hotel in the city of Rocha

Where to eat in Rocha?

Restaurants where you can have a satisfactory dining experience
All year round Novillos: craft beer from Rocha, Uruguay
All year round
All year round Restaurant María Esther in Rocha, on route 9
All year round Americano restaurant and grill in the city of Rocha
All year round Caseras de India Muerta in Rocha, elaboration of products based on butiá (fruit of the palm tree)
All year round Restaurant, pizza and coffe shop City Café in Rocha

Real Estate in Rocha

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All year round Rosso Real Estate in Rocha
All year round Lucas Etcheverrito SRL Auction in Rocha, Punta del Diablo and Punta del Este
All year round Punto Río Propiedades Real Estate in Rocha
Real Estate

Things to do in Rocha

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All year round Boat trips through the Laguna de Rocha: Pepe Lobato
All year round Caballos de Luz, equestrian inn, horseback riding and vegetarian food in the Sierras de Rocha, Uruguay
Horseback riding

Other services in Rocha

Stores, ice cream shops, supermarkets and other services
All year round Gonza Tour, transport company in Rocha, Uruguay
Transport company
All year round Tur-Este, transport company in Rocha
Transport company
All year round Rutas del Sol, transport company with WiFi on board
Transport company
All year round COTEC, transport company in Rocha
Transport company
All year round Doña Rosa in Rocha, food store oriented to a healthy and varied diet
All year round Rocha Tour, transport company, hiring for excursions
Transport company
All year round Núñez and Viajes Cynsa, international and national transport service
Transport company
All year round COT, transport company in Rocha
Transport company