Costs and schedules of entry and exit to Cabo Polonio


  • Round trip: $296 (Uruguayan pesos) per person, children under 5 years old do not pay

  • Surfboard: $100 (Uruguayan pesos) round trip

  • Parking for cars: $250 (Uruguayan pesos) per day

  • Parking for motorcycles: $200 (Uruguayan pesos) per day

  • Parking for bikes: $100 (Uruguayan pesos) per day (covered) / free (outdoor)

You can only pay in CASH, in Uruguayan pesos, Argentinian pesos, Brazilian reals or American dollars.
The trip takes approximately 20 minutes.
The entrance of tents and pets to the Cabo Polonio National Park is prohibited.
Schedules from Sunday to Sunday, including holidays, except for detailed exceptions.

Entry schedules

08:30 Prior notice





Exit schedules






Last update 18/08/2021

Puerta del Polonio

Puerta del Polonio - Bus Terminal
Address: Route 10 km 264,500
Phone: + 598 95 643 217

One of the charms of the Cabo Polonio National Park lies in the fact of not allowing access by car. To arrive, you must travel for about 30 minutes in one of the all-terrain vehicles that cross the dune fields. You can also enter by walking or according to the availability of local operators, there are those who prefer to do it on horseback or by car.

Puerta del Polonio is another step on this road, where interests and benefits are reconciled to protect the area.