Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo, paradisiac resort surrounded by rocks, transparent oceanic waters, mystical air and personality.

Since its inception, a fishing village that, without abandoning this tradition, devoted itself completely to tourism, combining a large number of complexes of cabins, hotels and campsites, with rocky cliffs entering the sea, from which it is possible to see all the populated village, enjoy the beach protected by an inlet to take a dip or tempt the sea with sport fishing. Walking barefoot through its dirt roads, enjoying its beaches and getting to know its people are some of the pleasures offered by this little Rochense Eden.

One of the attractions to visit, is the craft fair, located in the center of town. The artists of the area put music to the sunsets, while the tourists relax and enjoy a drink or a good dinner based on seafood.

Punta del Diablo is a privileged area for those who like to surf, thanks to the waves forming large peaks in front of La Viuda beach. During the summer season, championships are held with the participation of local athletes and countries from the region.

The town owes its name to the fact that the area was the scene of many shipwrecks in past centuries. This place was populated by fishermen in mid-1942, who were engaged in the fishing of sharks, whose oil was exported to feed the armies during the Second World War.

Circuit 3 - Laguna Negra
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How to get to Punta del Diablo?

Route 9 km 298,000

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Attractions in Punta del Diablo

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Where to stay in Punta del Diablo?

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All year round Remanso del Diablo, boutique hotel on the beach, in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. Rooms with sea view and breakfast
All year round Hostería del Pescador in Punta del Diablo
All year round Posada Lune de Miel, accommodation in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. Cabins and apartments with pool
Apart Hotel
All year round Terrazas de La Viuda Hotel in Punta del Diablo, rooms with terraces and sea view
All year round Hotel Aquarella with sea view in Punta del Diablo
Apart Hotel
All year round La Casa de las Boyas Hostel, accommodation in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay
All year round Complejo Santa María, cabins in Punta del Diablo
Holiday resort
All year round Cabañas Cuatro Mozas, a few meters from the beach in Punta del Diablo

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All year round Lo del Olga Restaurant in Punta del Diablo, open all year
All year round Mirjo Restaurant, overlooking the sea, in Punta del Diablo
All year round Il Tano Cucina restaurant in Punta del Diablo

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All year round JR Propiedades Real Estate in Punta del Diablo
All year round Lucas Etcheverrito SRL Auction in Rocha, Punta del Diablo and Punta del Este

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All year round Marianna Aventuras, personalized tours in Rocha
All year round Senderos Tours, guided tours around Rocha, Uruguay
All year round Horseback riding Punta del Diablo, visit fields, beaches and forests of Rocha on horseback

Other services in Punta del Diablo

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All year round Núñez and Viajes Cynsa, international and national transport service
Transport company
All year round COT, transport company in Rocha
Transport company
All year round Rutas del Sol, transport company with WiFi on board
Transport company