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Hostel - La Paloma

La Brújula Hostel is located in a natural environment with vegetation and various birds, 200 m from Anaconda beach, the favorite surfer’s beach, 500 m from Los Botes beach and 500 m from Serena beach; in a pleasant and unstructured environment where sharing and camaraderie are always present.

The instalation allow each guest to live and enjoy their stay as they prefer, more or less agitated, in an environment of respect and tolerance that characterizes us.

The bonfire always glowing, make each night unique, special, full of energy and end up being magical.

We have a small movie theater with the possibility of watching a variety of movies and DirecTV connection with more than 150 channels. It helps and promotes those who want to cook and experiment with different meals by sharing the experience with other guests.

The Hostel's attention, made by us, the owners, ends up being very personalized with each guest who often ends up getting involved with ideas, projects and even realizations feeling the place as their own. We live in the same Hostel all year, we were building, improving and adapting it with our own hands. We have a lot of projects and ideas to carry out. We are passionate about receiving and meeting people from all over the world with different cultures and customs. We like the cinema, music, art in general, the beach, walks, bicycles, the organic garden, sunsets, contemplate the fire, share with friends long talks, meals, drinks and trips.

Medidas para la prevención de COVID-19 en La Brújula
Capacidad Capacidad reducida (menos habitaciones / menos mesas / menos pasajeros)

Insumos Ofrece insumos sanitarios (por ejemplo: alcohol en gel, tapabocas, alfombra sanitaria, control de temperatura)

Desinfección Desinfección profunda periódica (áreas comunes / habitaciones / medio de transporte)

Distanciamiento Distanciamiento social y adaptación de espacios comunes

Registro Registro de datos de clientes

Wood stove
Wood stove

We are open All year round
We speak Spanish
Payment methods Cash
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