Festival of asado con cuero

The Festival of asado con cuero or also known as the Regional Festival of the Integration of Lascano, where sheep, pigs and more than 70 heifers donated by local producers, make this festival one of the most typical in Uruguay in terms of its gastronomic offer. You can taste all kinds of meat, highlighting the famous asado con cuero and India Muerta rice. More than 4,000 kilos of asado and 5 kilometers of chorizo (sausage)are consumed during the festival.

In addition to being a strongly rice-growing area, the inhabitants proudly boast of being the "capital of the asado con cuero". At the party you can also enjoy musical performances by outstanding artists of the national folk scene, payadores, guitarreadas and be part of the Criolla mass.  For several years the Lascano 7K correcaminata has been held within the framework of the festival. Also there are civic - gauchezco parades of different institutions, bailanta, campfires and raffles for important prizes.

When is the Festival of asado con cuero?

Since 1982, the Lions Club of Lascano and Departmental Council of Rocha, have organized this classic festival, which is attended by more than 14,000 people. Generally, on the second weekend of the month of April the festival begins, and can last up to three days.

Where is the Festival of asado con cuero?

A few kilometers from the city of Lascano, on routes 14 and 15, in a municipal property, the Festival of asado con cuero takes place.