Horseback riding is one of the most attractive tourist activities for those who visit Rocha and want to enjoy nature. It is a relaxing activity, it provides a feeling of peace and freedom that you only experience when you live in your own flesh. It is adventure and harmony at the same time. There are horseback rides for all audiences, children and adults, per hour, per day, medium and long distance for several days.

Cabalgatas por la playa

Rocha offers hills, dunes, streams, forests, lagoons and extensive virgin beaches for horseback riding. Historical roads, quicksand, beaches and islands that were places for Spanish and Portuguese pirates. Sighting of marine fauna (right whales, killer whales, dolphins, sea lions and sea birds) as well as autochthonous flora.

Cabalgatas por el campo

Several proposals include accommodation and meals made with typical Rocha products.

Cabalgatas por Santa Teresa

Full Moon Horseback Riding

It is already a classic the night horseback riding in the light of full moon, a different experience, galloping through deserted beaches enjoying and contemplating this spectacular natural phenomenon.

Disfruta de Horseback riding in Rocha

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Horseback riding
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Horseback riding
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Horseback riding
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Horseback riding

Cabalgatas por laguna de Rocha
Cabalgatas por laguna de Rocha