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We sell tours to National Parks and other attractive sites of the Rocha department. We offer packets with accommodation and food, as well as guided tours. 

Our guides are locals, multilingual and with knowledge in biology. 

La Paloma City Tour

We take you to get to know the beach in Punta Rubia, and the millenary gullies, then we visit two beaches in La Pedrera and its best viewpoint. We return touring through the most beautiful points on the coast until La Paloma, where we visit 3 points, including the Cabo Santa Maria Lighthouse. 

Sunset at the Laguna de Rocha

We leave La Paloma or La Pedrera in the afternoon, where we tour around the Protected Landscape Laguna de Rocha, we show you and tell you about the primary characteristics of the community, the landscape, the lagoon, and its dynamics, as well as its flora and fauna. 

Full day at the Sierras de Rocha

Guided tour through the Sierras de Rocha (Hills of Rocha), its native cliffs, its incredible views, its fauna, streams, and waterfalls. 

Cabo Polonio Coastal Tour

We take you to the entrance to Cabo Polonio, passing through different beaches on the way: La Pedrera, Punta Rubia, Pueblo Nuevo, are some of the places we will get to know. 

Punta del Diablo Natural Tour

We continue our route to Punta del Diablo, passing through many beaches, the mythical Monte de Ombues, and the beautiful Palmares de Rocha. 

Sunset at Laguna Negra

We take you on a short tour to the most beautiful sites in Laguna Negra, to look at the sunset atop rocks at the lagoon’s shore that blend with the colors of the sky. 

Cerro Verde Protected Area

We start early with a 4-hour walk through the protected area with the largest marine platform in the country, on the way we will see abundant fauna and particular flora, also touring the main feeding point of sea turtles in Uruguay. 

San Miguel National Park

We visit the National Park, we go to historic places, watch the sunset at one of the points with one of the widest views in the country, we go around the palm trees and the vegetation of the hills, many times hundreds of american vultures fly over our heads. 

Punta del Diablo - Cabo Polonio - La Paloma

We leave from Punta del Diablo, touring through wild beaches, where it is probable that we will be the only ones that visit the whole day. One can stay in Cabo Polonio or continue to La Paloma. 

Circular Tour (duration 2 hours) 

It includes tours to the Protected Area Cerro Verde, San Miguel National Park, Laguna Negra, the La Paloma City Tour, the tour around La Paloma to Punta del Diablo to and from. It can be used in different weeks, for example getting off in Cabo Polonio, consulting disponibility. 

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