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Cottage - Castillos

By the shores of the Castillos Lagoon is set the historical house of Guardia del Monte. Surrounded by landscapes and wild life. Lakes and woods of ancient native trees, centenary “ombús”, old “coronillas” and legendary “ceibos”. Wetlands populated by capybaras, a big and tender native species of rodent mammal, also otters and a great variety of birds.


Each room and corner can offer a surprise, such as an ancient stone wall, silent witness of the Spanish colony, or even testimony and objects of shipwrecks that happened in the coast of Rocha.

Guardia del Monte offers their guests comfortable rooms with private bathroom, wide halls with fireplace, and many special sites to get in direct touch with nature.


  • Guided tour throw the wood of "ombús" and indigenous forest
  • Horse rides by the shores of the lake, wetlands, forests and prairie
  • Bird watching
  • Canoeing and fishing in the lake
  • Tour by the ancient core of the house and explanation of its historical value

We are open January - February - March - April - October - November - December
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